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Kary Pace   Phoenix, AZ 85016


I am looking for a junior level I.T. position. I am very interested in and I enjoy Web Design and Development. I am proficient with XHMTL 1.0 strict documents using CSS 2. I create mathematically complex programs with JavaScript.

Education (Information Technology / Science / Mathematics)

Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Central Oklahoma. (Magna Cum Laude, President's Honor Role for 3 semesters, 4.0/4.0 in major, 3.8/4.0 overall, 05/1981, Sigma Pi Sigma National Honor Society of Physics Students 1980.)
Associate of Science in Electronics from Oklahoma State University Technical Institute. (President's Honor Role for 2 semesters, 3.78/4.0, 05/1979)
Windows NT Server in the Enterprise. (3 semester hours, 08/1999 - 12/1999)
Windows NT Technical Support. (3 semester hours, 08/1999 - 12/1999)
Windows NT Technical Administration. (3 semester hours, 06/1999 - 08/1999)
Linear Systems using Matlab. (Graduate, 3 semester hours, 01/1994 - 05/1994)
Artificial Intelligence programming using Quintus Prolog. (Graduate, 3 semester hours, 08/1994-12/1994)
Data Structures using Pascal. (Graduate, 3 semester hours, 08/1994-12/1994)
Data Structures with Pascal (4 semester hours) 01/1989-05/1989)
Pascal Programming. (3 semester hours) 08/1989 - 12/1989)
C Language. (3 semester hours) 08/1987 - 12/1987)
Vax Assembly language. (3 semester hours) 08/1987 - 12/1987)
Computer Organization. (3 semester hours) 08/1987 - 12/1987)
Computer Applications of Power Systems using FORTRAN / UNIX. (Graduate, 3 semester hours, 08/1981 - 12/1981)
Basic and Advanced UNIX. (40 hour course, 02/2000)
Database Consultants
Introduction to SQL using Oracle 8i. (official Oracle Course, 01/2000)
Database Administration using Oracle 8. (official Oracle Course, 03/2000)
Washington Institute of Technology
Project Management(11/15/1999 - 11/18/1999)
Relational Databases Design. (12/7/1999 - 12/9/1999)
Client Server Concepts (01/12/2000 - 01/14/2000)
Briefing Techniques (9/13/1999 - 9/15/1999)
Contracting Basics (10/19/1999 - 10/21/1999)


'Dreams', 16 track music album available on iTunes. (02/2002)
'Superluminal', a self-published science fiction screenplay. (06/1995)
'Beloved One', a poem published in Nature's Echoes. (fall of 2000)
'The Survivor Collection', self-published song lyrics. (06/1998)

Work Experience (I.T. and Media Production)

Writer for (11/24/2009 - Present)
I am the Phoenix Finding Wi-Fi Examiner for I publish reviews of Wi-Fi locations including in person speed testing. I also publish articles related to mobile devices such as the iPod Touch and it's Wi-Fi related applications. I have also written and published Javascript code related to Wi-Fi speed measurement.
Writer for (12/24/2009 - Present)
All writing done for is kept in strict confidentiality. In effect, I am a Ghost Writer. I generally write on technical subjects. These articles are submitted for review by the buyers.
Internet Researcher for (11/02/2009 - 02/11/10)
Performed Internet Research. Leapforce is very concerned about confidentiality in regards to what they do. In general, one analyzes web pages and submits reports per Leapforce's confidential guidelines.
Harmony Remote Technician for e4e and Logitech (09/23/2007 - 08/26/2009)
Troubleshot the Logitech harmony remotes family. Over the telephone, I guided customers in the use of the hardware and software to program the remote. I had access to their accounts and often programmed the remote for them. This involved modifying delay times and looking up and copying commands into the accounts. This could become lengthy at times since some calls required multiple tests to determine the effectiveness of my changes.
Created a Return on Investment Calculator using Excel. The ROI calculator determined how long it would take for a person working at home to make money as opposed to coming into the office. The factors included, mpg, miles driven round trip, price of gas, price of cable service and repair costs of a new or used car.
Designed and deployed a small internal website using HTML 4.01 to assist employees in finding information related to the programming and troubleshooting of the Harmony remote family.
Based on a pre-designed structure, I maintained and modified a multi-sheet Excel Escalation Tracking document. Each employee had one sheet to keep count of the reason and number of times they escalated a call. The data was totaled and graphed by reason and by employee.
Technical Services Agent for SBCYahoo DSL (now AT&T) at 2Wire but in reality was an employee of Volt Services (02/06/2005 - 04/17/2005)
I took approximately 5 to 6 calls per hour, which was averaging around 12 minutes per call.
I guided customers through the troubleshooting process for connecting and configuring the 2Wire HomePortal® intelligent gateway Router to the Internet with Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP in one of four connection types: (Ethernet, Wireless, USB, HPNA).
I answered various questions from customers about networking technology and services offered by SBCYahoo DSL.
Web Developer/Music Production (06/15/2000 - 12/24/2002)
Built a small, high quality Windows 98 computer based recording studio.
Composed, recorded original music and mixed multiple audio tracks.
Recorded studio quality vocal characterizations.
Built flash/non flash/JavaScript web site 'Kary's Place'
Wrote Science programs using JavaScript
Recordings done with Roland XP-30, M-Audio Delta 1010, M-Audio DMP2 (DMP3 shown), Rode NT1 (NT2-A shown), Compaq 7598, Windows 98, Cakewalk Pro-Audio 9.03 (later became SONAR), Propellerhead Reason 1.01 (version 4 shown), and Soundtrek Jammer Hit Session 2.0
Wrote Flash Animations using SWiSH 2.0  (an early version of SWiSH Max3)
Oracle Database Administrator (Defense Information Systems Agency) (08/01/1999 - 04/15/2000)
Monitored databases on HP-UX based HP9000 platform.
Checked that disk drives had sufficient space for Oracle databases.
Increased disk storage space and ram allocation when needed.
Checked to ensure that table space was sufficient to hold data.
Wrote Unix Shell Scripts to check daily status of backups.
Wrote Oracle SQL programs to build test databases.
Entered users into databases.
Traveled to remote locations to maintain Oracle Databases.
Completed official Oracle courses "Intro to SQL" and "Database Administration".
Completed three full semester courses in Windows NT Network Administration.
Completed other short courses in Information Technology.
Telecommunications Specialist (U.S. Air Force) (06/15/1996 - 05/15/1997)
Performed troubleshooting of a large Cabletron* network. (100+ servers)
Traced signals in, replaced, repaired optical fiber, UTP, and coax cable.
Patched in UTP cables in communications closets.
Diagnosed problems of routers, dempers, Arcnet and Cabletron hubs.
Diagnosed and repaired problems with Windows (3.11, 95, NT 3.5/4.0), Microsoft Office, Outside View, Frontier Technologies Super-TCP/IP, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape.
Installed and updated major software from floppies, CD's, or network servers.
Installed EISA / PCI Ethernet cards, video and sound cards and drivers.
Performed Technical Help desk function when not in field.
Visited remote locations within a few square miles to perform technical services.
At least 50% of the work was done without direct supervision.
Technical Representative (America Online) (04/15/1996 - 06/16/1996)
Diagnosed customer problems in accessing America Online.
Instructed customers in use of Windows Operating System and AOL browser.
Software Maintenance (Department of Defense) (06/15/1986 - 12/15/1986)
Wrote FORTRAN programs on the Digital Equipment Corporation VAX series.
Performed technical reviews of software documentation.
Used PC to prepare plans and briefs.
Assisted in installation of various mini-computer systems.
Efficiency Expert (Department of Defense) (02/15/1986 - 06/15/1986)
Performed Time and Motion Studies.
Collected work unit data on workers and facilities; such as number of boxes passing a point in a warehouse per unit time, number of steps worker takes to perform a job, the time taken to perform a job, etc.
Entered work units into Mainframe Database.
Entered work units into PC and plotted graphs for management.

Work Experience (Scientific Research and Teaching)

Substitute Math and Science Teacher (10/15/1991 - 02/15/1992) Oklahoma City Public Schools
Did Substitute teaching in Junior High and High School in Math and Science.
Physics Research Assistant (08/15/1981 - 04/151982) University of Oklahoma
Helped with design and assembly of scientific apparatus for measurement of Einstein Atomic Oscillator Strengths of various elements.
Physical Science Lab Assistant (08/15/1980 - 07/15/1981) University of Central Oklahoma Department of Physics
Set up physical science laboratory experiments and demonstrations.
Helped students with laboratory assignments and graded them.
Tutored students in physics.
Tutor, computer and audio-visual lab assistant (01/15/1977 - 01/151978) Oklahoma State University Technical Institute Department of Engineering Technologies
Tutored in Computer/Audio-Visual center. Tutored students on use of Microcomputers, Calculus and Physics.
Assisted with use of mainframe based CAI instructional programs.

Work Experience (Electronics Maintenance/Repair)

Telephone Technician (The Phone Store) (Spring of 1979)
Repaired Telephone Answering Equipment.
Traveled to remote locations to service answering equipment.

Work Experience (Acting)

Played Court Clerk in the New York University Production of Kalin's Prayer. Full Credits for Kalin's Prayer; you notice I’m not listed but the Fullerton Casting Agency in Tulsa is listed as is Ricki Maslar, (She casted for Twister, Grown-ups and Manfast.) who was my acting instructor and agent in Oklahoma. I actually was not officially cast for this part, but tagged along with a friend from the Oklahoma City branch of the agency (that is now gone by the way); it was a very small part in which I walked out of the Tulsa County Court House as a Clerk having a conversation with a woman as I walked. I have never seen the film and don’t know if I appear in it.
Security guard in Minnow Productions 'Eye of God'.
An audience member for Cavs Basketball commercial on KOKH TV, Okla. City.
Joseph in a Messiah Lutheran Church Play.
Ghost of Christmas Future in a Putnam City High School Play.
Acting Training
Beginning Film Acting; Ricki Masler and Jay M. Ferguson
Intermediate Film Acting; Ricki Masler and Jay M. Ferguson
Scene Study; Darryl Cox
Acting Workshop; Amy McIntyre Brit
Character Workshop; Chris Freihofer
Special Abilities
Character Humor, Musical Composition, Piano, Teaching, Laboratory, Guitar.

Quick Skills List

Electronic Music Composition and Production
Computer Graphics Design
Web page Design
Network Troubleshooting @ 72ndCS and AOL and 2Wire
Computer Programming
Oracle Database Administration
Scientific Research at OU and Teaching at UCO
Trained Actor
Autozone Driver, Auction Driver at Bay Cities, CA.
Light Industrial Work


Operating Systems: UNIX, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM-AIX, Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000, XP, Red Hat Linux, MS-DOS 2.1 - 6.22
Languages: C, C++¤, JavaScript, ASP¤, HTML, DHTML, Shell script, ksh, bash, Kornshell, VI, emacs, Pascal, VAX Assembly, 6502 Assembly, FORTRAN, COBOL, Prolog, SQL, SQL Plus, Visual Basic¤, Java¤
Software: Quest I/Watch and SQL Navigator, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Matlab, Formflow, PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Word 2000, WordPerfect¤¤, Swish 2.0¤¤, Pro-Audio 9.01¤¤¤, Reason 1.01¤¤, SoundTrek Jammer, Ulead Photo Impact, Microsoft Paint, Corel Photo House¤¤¤, EvrSoft 1st Page 2000¤¤, JBuilder¤:¤¤
Database: Oracle 8i, 9i, 10G, Access*
Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP
¤ Area I have limited knowledge in.
¤¤ Software that has been significantly updated.
¤¤¤ Software whose name has been changed as it was updated.

Goals (IT)

Write Complex Scientific Computer Programs!
Write Music with a Computer!
Write Oracle PL/SQL Code and Tune Oracle Databases!
Write C or C++ or Delphi Code!
Write Flash Movies!
Create web pages with XHTML, FLASH, and JavaScript!
Write Original Computer Programs!

Goals (Non-IT)

I am interested in Astronomy. I am particularly interested in the effect on time caused by Gravitational Red Shift as well as Special Relativity.
I am interested in Acting and making instrumental Music.
I am interested in creating motion picture works using Computer Technology.
I am interested in Producing and Directing Motion Pictures.


According to Keirsey, 2 tests taken in Chicago revealed the Crafter-Artisan (iStP). This aspect of my personality reveals the ability to be an Actor, Motion Picture Director (or other directive role) as well as an Application Developer, Database Administrator, Musician or Web Designer. I will add that my main pursuit was ostensibly Oracle, the Database while I was in Chicago. Database Administrator fits within this personality type.
A third test in Oklahoma City revealed the Champion (eNFp) type. This is significant because Keirsey claims that only 3 percent of the population displays this type of personality. Apparently, Oklahoma City brings out my ethical side.
A Jungian test taken in San Jose, CA at the Personality Theories Site revealed INTJ (Introverted intuiting with thinking): This is said to be the most independent of all types. They love logic and ideas and are drawn to scientific research. Obviously, San Jose is bringing out my scientific side.


IQ=144 ; Note: 131-145 Extraordinary Intelligence; 146+ Genius
December 5th, 2005.
IQ = 133
December 4th, 2005.
The International High IQ Society
IQ = 125; ultimate iq test
IQ = 126; timed test
January 15th, 2005.
IQTest labs
IQ = 122; timed test
IQ = 123; stanford-binet conversion
IQ = 135; Cattell conversion
Classification intelligence score was 95 and in the 99th percentile. I am extremely good at organizing collections of items and finding similarities and differences between them. I am extremely good at conceptualizing problems, adapting to new situations and memorizing information. January 15th, 2005.

Addresses of Interest

Database Consultants Inc.
4835 Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway, Suite 900
Dallas, Texas 75244
(972) 490-0102
Washington Institute of Technology
82 S Main Street
Washington, PA 15301

*Company Information

August 6, 2001 - Cabletron Systems completes its transformation into two independent companies Enterasys and Riverstone. As a result of these events, Cabletron Systems ceased to exist as a separate company.